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As a passionate dog owner to 4 beautiful dogs, I understand what your loveable pets mean to you!

Since becoming a dog owner, I have loved being part of the dog community. I cant imagine life without them.

After purchasing from many small businesses over the years, I was inspired by these amazing people to start my own business adventure and decided I was going to create unique handmade collars and accessories. 

At Love Your Furbabies, our aim is to create essential, stylish walking accessories such as collars and leads plus other accessories.


Who said essential had to mean boring?



The Team behind the scenes:


I'm Kirsty, the founder of Love Your Furbabies. I am also a mum to two children, and a dog mom to four dogs. I took the leap of faith starting Love Your Furbabies and it is the best thing I have done. I am so grateful for every single one of you for following and supporting my dream, It is so rewarding seeing my products on your furbabies!

Kia (14 year old Pomeranian) who is definitely our top dog/security guard/lap dog around the house.

Fun Fact - Kia can dance on her rear legs as well as do a doggy sing song, this is getting slightly more challenging now due to her age.


Skye (9 year old Chocolate Labrador) who is mother hen, she is kind and gentle. Her passion is water, mud and more water. She really does live up to the breed and is the perfect model to trial our products to ensure they can with hold tough every day exposures.

Fun Fact - Skye loves sticks, bigger the better. She does get confused between a stick and a large heavy log and tries to still pick it up.


Then we have bouncy Bonnie (2 year old old Golden Retriever) who loves life and everyone in it, and makes the most of every minute. She is so sweet and loves a good fuss but loves nothing more than sitting in the garden each morning watching the birds and the squirrels.

Fun Fact - Bonnie loves teddies, rope toys and balls. She takes good care of her dog toys.

Last but not least is our whirl wind of life, Sabre (1 year old Chocolate Phantom Labradoodle) She is always full of beans. Everything is amazing to her at the moment and she has absolutely no fear. However she adores a good snuggle on the sofa.

Fun Fact - Sabre is the daughter of Skye and loves dog toys but a bit too much and ends up shredding them all hahaha.


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